We Bring the Future to the Present

Calejo Future Intelligence provides forecasting, predictive analysis,  consulting and future studies as a support for Business Excellence and making improved strategic future and investment decisions. At the core of the concept is a unique, self-developed forecasting model that uses artificial neural networks (ANN).

With the help of self-learning systems Calejo helps customers to accurately identify reliable historic and future complex trends and patterns across a range of preselected and strategically important information categories.

Beyond the latest research

Calejo works at the very forefront of research – and beyond. We have developed the algorithms beyond the latest scientific papers and have adapted them specifically for our markets.

Calejo distinguishes itself from competitors by including in its models a large amount of fundamental data and taking account of frequency shifts in market movements. This makes it unique in the commodity market.

All results shown have also been cross validated, which entirely compensates for the effects of any over-interpretation of results. Cross validation is an extremely strict test, which few statistical models can manage.

We always get it right

In the Calejo´s dedicated forecasts so far the proportion of correct price trends is approximately 80 percent for all time horizons over six months. Looking 10-24 months ahead, the forecast lies very close to actual price evolution.

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We are Calejo

  • Carl Johard Managing Director/Marketing
  • Leonard Johard Technical Director and Head of Caleo´s Forecast Model
  • Håkan Freudenthal Sales Director
  • Einar Stensson Partner, Director Production & Support