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”Data Analysis must learn to survive without the data in Industry 4.0”

One of the industry’s biggest challenges in the development of the Internet of Things and the fourth industrial revolution is to provide expert data analysis, of which there is currently a pronounced shortage.

“Data is one of the most important commodities of the 21st century, and the need has outgrown the supply” says Leonard Johard, researcher in artificial intelligence at Innopolis University. Leonard Johard is also the founder of the company Calejo.

 Do we really need the data analysis?

“We are now in a paradigm shift and at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. The previous industrial revolutions were aimed at freeing man from the need to perform physical work. Today, the processes that previously required human intellect are increasingly automated. The unspoken goal of this is a selforganizing industry that is both more efficient and more flexible than what is possible under human control. Custom AI is today taking over industrial processes and can optimally control, monitor and adjust the processes. These systems benefit from the speed and ability to handle data volumes, which far exceeds the human capacity. The financial sector saw these benefits early on and we see that robot trading today accounts for an overwhelming majority of the financial transactions. For the production industry, the focus is on completely new production environments, with groups of machines communicating with each other and sending necessary data among themselves to optimize the manufacturing process. Products, production, service and maintenance are also increasingly integrated. We see a future where the ability to manage the

intersection between people, data and intelligent machines will be crucial for productivity, efficiency and the operation of industries around the world. The challenges are still numerous. One of the biggest is that the development of the intelligent collection and analysis of large amounts of information requires an expertise, which is currently in short supply. Modern machine-learning is a complex scientific field that often equated with an art form. The ability to attract expertise in this area is, therefore, crucial in the new smart industries’ business models.”

 What is data analysis?

“Data analysis is a general term for processes to extract value from the raw data. This umbrella term includes various value-adding technologies: - Data acquisition and data processing will increase the collection of useful raw data.


- Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) refers studies that indicate the value of the existing data resources and appreciate the value of further processing.

- Business Intelligence (BI) includes analysis of data to support the company’s decision-making.

- Confirmatory Data Analysis (CDA) focuses on confirming or disproving existing hypotheses.

- Predictive data analysis focuses on the creation of statistical models for predictive forecasting, classification and/or direct process control.


Predictive data analysis has seen the largest growth, at the same time as the predictive models had improved in recent years. Developments within Deep Learning have resulted in a world in which automated systems almost always outperform their human competitors, even in areas where, only 10 years ago, it was believed that the use of artificial intelligence would remain beyond the realms of possibility for the foreseeable future.”

In what ways is Calejo distinguished here?

“We are today building an efficient production line of artificial intelligence designed for Industry 4.0. By systematizing and automating development, we provide cost-effective access to the epitome of the data science. Our international structure and tight academic connections enables us to use both local development resources and cost-effective development remotely. Meanwhile, we are at the center of the development, with a concentrated core of leading international researchers in artificial intelligence. This structure makes our process extremely agile and allows us to quickly adjust our models to the ever-accelerating research in this area. Our best strength is actually our contribution through research in new disruptive neural network algorithms, AI methodologies and industry perspectives.”

“One day neural networks will be able to give themselves rewards which will act like drugs. And then a question emerges: what will be stable if you are controlled over you mind?"

Leonard Johard i en intervju I Sputnik News 27 maj 2017 (


"Why reach the clouds when you can shoot the moon?"

”Most business leaders with their ears to the ground have already felt the data revolution. The efficiency of extraction and refining of this valuable resource will separate failure from success throughout the next decade. Unfortunately, a cloud storage is not enough. Data strategy is everything”, says Leonard Johard, founder of Calejo. 

”Data availability is usually taken for granted, but the data has already started to get fenced in and with a steadily increasing price tag attached. Soon the party will be over for latecomers”, says Leonard Johard.

Calejo Data Analysis is already offering the sale of manufactured, artificial data for financial markets, processes and machinery.

”All the data in the world will never be enough. Fortunately, we can now circumvent the data-bound limitations of traditional AI methodology, while at the same time maintaining the self-learning aspects and use select real data where and when it is available”, says Leonard Johard.

The potential of these artificial data have been realized thanks to the research team and a portfolio of in-house artificial intelligence algorithms.

Leonard Johard concludes:

”Our core of researchers go far beyond the simplified narrative of the Deep Learning bandwagon and design algorithms from a more profound understanding of statistical learning. We continuously reverse-engineer the brain and our lab has neural network models that are a generation ahead of the competmition.”

"The only thing that is stable is if you search for knowledge. If an agent, ANN, will be looking for knowledge, it will not decay. Those who go into hedonistic perspective will decay. In the long run, if you have enough power over your mind, only philosophical motivation will be able to survive."

Leonard Johard i en intervju I Sputnik News 27 maj 2017 (

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