Beyond the Latest Research

Through a carefully considered and automated development process, Calejo provides cost-effective access to the fruits of the world’s leading academic skills. In the inner circle of the development process, we have a tightly-knit core of leading international researchers in artificial intelligence.  The fact that our expertise is concentrated in this inner core allows our process to be extremely agile and we can quickly adjust our know-how in alignment with the ever-accelerating research in this area.

Calejo’s services and products are developed at the absolute cutting edge of research in robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The key to Calejo’s success is this personal contact with international research groups in Europe, Asia and North America.


Our Core Competences

Dr. Leonard Johard, Founder and postdoctoral researcher at Innopolis, Russia, and a developer of cloud-based brain simulators in CERN openlab, Switzerland.  He wrote his first neural network library at 17 and has since pursued the development for strong AI. His PhD thesis from the prestigious Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Italy describes the first mathematical model of the human motor system. Leonard is currently involved in BioDynaMo, an international effort to create a full-scale simulation of the learning human brain. He expects it to take its first steps in a robotic body in 2018 Leonard is an expert in artificial neural networks and reinforcement learning.

Dr Joseph Brown, Assistant Professor and Head of the AI in Game Development Lab at Innopolis, Russia.  Joseph Brown is a pragmatic mathematician with broad scientific perspectives. He has a long collaboration with the automotive industry in analyzing and optimizing production lines. His scientific interest in statistics has also led to several breakthroughs in our understanding of genetic algorithms and evolution. Joseph Brown is an expert in genetic algorithms, evolutionary programming and manufacturing systems analysis.

Dr Sebastian Ille, Visiting Assistant Professor at Lebanese American University, Lebanon.  Sebastian Ille is a computational economist at a number of European universities. His research is diverse but mostly revolves around behavioral agent-based models. His numerous works in game theory explain a range of social and economical issues: creation of social norms, cultural conflict, macroeconomical patterns, the stability of financial systems and conflicts in mergers.   Sebastian Ille is an expert in behavioral economics, agent-based simulations and game theory

Dr Vittorio Lippi, postdoctoral researcher at Univeristy of Freiburg, Switzerland.  Vittorio Lippi is a machine-learning expert who received his PhD at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Italy, where he performed analysis on human motion data collected from a range of sensors. At the University of Freiburg he is applying the knowledge gained from human motion to improve robotics systems, with new biologically inspired controls that promise new levels of agility. Vittorio has also worked with analyzing the vast quantities of data derived from the hadron colliders at CERN. Vittorio Lippi is an expert in machine-learning and robotics.

Dr. Jooyoung Lee, Assistant Professor at Innopolis University, Russia. A graduate of Seoul University, South Korea, and with a Phd from Syracuse University, USA. Jooyoung Lee has been involved in the Data Fusion and Visualization Project with JP Morgan and the development of reputation-based algorithms for social networks and automatic document classification. Jooyoung Lee is an expert on social network analysis and reputation management.

Amina Keldibek, Researher in neural networks and appliced machine learning. Amina has previously worked in the ALARIS robotics laboratory in mechanics and control of humanoid robots, vision and neuromorphic control architectures.

Oksana Korotkova, Project Manager for our international teams. She has worked  as a translatar, interpreter, and project manager at several international events such as FIFA, FINA, Formula 1 and the Olympic Games.

Jonas Berggren, Founder, CEO at NHI AB, Chairman of Calejo Technology Venture AB, Calejo Industrial Intelligence AB, Calejo Future Intelligence AB and Inivd AB, and former CEO of SSG AB. Jonas Berggren is a civil engineer and former director of purchasing at SCA Graphic and CEO of SSG Standard Solutions Group. He is also a founder of NHI Nordic Health Innovation AB.

Carl Johard, Founder and CEO of Calejo Technology Ventures AB, Calejo Industrial Intelligence AB and Calejo Future Intelligence AB.   Carl Johard is a financial journalist and editor and a brand and global marketing specialist.

Tina Berggren, Project Manager at Calejo. She has a wide experience of project management from several industries and areas such as business development in NHI Nordic Health Innovation, health research in GMC (Rural Medicine Center) and technological standardizations and surface treatment in SSG Standard Solutions Group. Tina Berggren is a M.Sc in Machine Engineering at Mid Univesity in Sundsvall.

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