Market Analysts

  • Anders Luthbom, Luthbom Consulting
  • Leonard Johard, Bright Market Index
  • Carl Johard, Editor-in-Chief Bright Market Insight

BMI Advisory Board

  • Anders Luthbom, Luthbom Consulting
  • Åke Axelsson, Södra Cell
  • Henrik Essén, BillerudKorsnäs
  • Anders Andersson, SCA Timber

Predictive Analysts

  • Leonard Johard
  • Einar Stensson


  • Carl Johard, Stockholm/Sundsvall
  • Leonard Johard, Stockholm

Sales & Support

  • Carl Johard, Stockholm
  • Leonard Johard, Stockholm
  • Einar Stensson, New York
  • Håkan Freudenthall, Sundsvall


  • Anders Luthbom, Chairman
  • Lena Fridlund Forsgren, Almi Invest
  • Jonas Berggren, SSG Standard Solutions Group
  • Leonard Johard, Calejo Future Intelligence
  • Carl Johard,  Calejo Future Intelligence

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